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At the CEU Review of Books, our mission is to engage and review a diverse array of forward-thinking scholarship that brings clarity and insight to confusing times.

Rather than promoting a particular school of thought, we encourage open discussion from both new and established voices that challenge conventional assumptions and foster intellectual community.

From a region that is often at the faultline of global tensions, and yet underrepresented in global discourse, the CEU Review of Books offers an in-depth perspective on the most prescient questions that affect all of us.

We publish reviews in English of books written in any language across the social sciences and humanities.

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Andrea Talabér is Managing Editor of the CEU Review of Books. Andrea has almost a decade of experience in academic publishing. She has an MRes from UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies and a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence. Prior to publishing, she held various research and academic teaching positions in the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Andrea is especially interested in making academic research and ideas from Central and Eastern Europe accessible to wider audiences.

Constantin Iordachi is Editor in Chief of the CEU Review of Books. He is a professor at the Department of History, Central European University, Vienna. He is the co-editor of the journal East Central Europe since almost two decades and is consultant editor of the journal Fascism: Comparative Fascist Studies and President of the International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies (ComFas). Constantin has published widely on comparative approaches to historical research; totalitarianism and mass politics; and citizenship and minorities in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Advisory Board

  • Ulf Brunnbauer (Regensburg)
  • Holly Case (Brown)
  • Nathalie Clayer (EHESS)
  • Rosemary Deller (LSE)
  • Éva Fodor (CEU)
  • Xymena Kurowska (CEU)
  • Jasmina Lukic (CEU)
  • Anna Mazurkiewicz (Gdańsk)
  • Markian Prokopovych (Durham)