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May 2024

Oil, climate and war: The curse of the petrostate

Alexander Etkind

What is the connection between oil, war, and the climate crisis? In this Long Read, Alexander Etkind explores the tendency of authoritarian petrostates, such as Russia and Iran, to launch wars and to downplay climate change.

March 2024

Creolizing Transylvania in an inter-imperial framework

James Morris

James Morris explores Anca Parvulescu’s and Manuela Boatcă’s book Creolizing the Modern: Creolizing the Modern: Transylvania across Empires (Cornell University Press, 2022), arguing that if to “creolize” is in part to complicate and challenge national mythologies, then it is important to confront nationalism’s racist language.

February 2024

The lure of central and eastern European innocence: a response to Laczó and Bejan

Hans Kundnani

Hans Kundnani’s book Eurowhiteness (Hurst, 2023) elicited two critical reviews on the pages of the CEU Review of Books. Here Kundnani responds to Ferenc Laczó’s and Raluca Bejan’s Long Read pieces. 

February 2024

Anglo-American hegemony or else…!

Raluca Bejan

Hans Kundnani’s book Eurowhiteness (Hurst, 2023) propositions that white ethnic nationalism is at the basis of European identity. In her Long Read, however, Raluca Bejan unwraps several issues that she argues make Kundnani’s argumentation flawed.

January 2024

Does a biographer have an autobiography?

Gábor Egry

Gábor Egry reflects on the blurred boundaries between historical and subjective writing and on the historical in the autobiographical through Ignác Romsics’s “egohistory”, Hetven év – Egotörténelem 1951-2021 [Seventy years – Egohistory, 1951-2021, Vol. 1] (Helikon Kiadó, 2022).

November 2023

The anti-imperialism of the center: What makes Hans Kundnani’s reflections on Europe and imperialism partial and partly misleading?

Ferenc Laczó

Hans Kundnani’s book Eurowhiteness (Hurst, 2023) provides a strong critique of the European Union and what he claims is its rootedness in “imperial amnesia”. Ferenc Laczó in his Long Read, however, writes that Kundnani’s narrow perspective on western Europe leads to him overlooking the ongoing history of imperialism within the geography of Europe, namely Russian imperialism.

June 2023

Globalizing Eastern Europe: Consolidating the field of inquiry

Réka Krizmanics

Réka Krizmanics reviews the volume Socialism Goes Global edited by James Mark and Paul Betts and discusses the long-term prospects of globalizing Eastern Europe as a subfield.

June 2023

To Dubravka Ugrešić, with Love

Jasmina Lukić

Jasmina Lukić remembers her friend, the writer Dubravka Ugrešić through her literary work and reminds us to “believe in the magic of literature”.