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The CEU Review of Books Podcast Series explores the questions that affect us all through in-depth talks with researchers, policy makers, journalists, academics and others. We bring the most current research linked to Central Europe through these discussions.
Episode 5 February 2024

What’s next for Ukrainian studies?

Mariia Shuvalova, Kateryna Zarembo and Roman Horbyk discuss how Russian imperialism has impacted the study of Ukrainian history, literature and culture and contemplate the future of the field.

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Episode 4 December 2023

CEURB launch event: On seeing with new eyes

The recording of the in-person launch of the CEURB. A discussion about books with Mary Kaldor (LSE) and Michael Ignatieff (CEU), moderated by President and Rector of the CEU, Shalini Randeria.

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Episode 3 September 2023

Author interview: Natasha Wheatley

In the third episode of the podcast we talk to Natasha Wheatley about her new book, The Life and Death of States.

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Episode 2 August 2023

Research spotlight: The effects of Covid-19 on the Roma community

We sat down with Andreea Cârstocea and Raul Cârstocea to talk about their research on the effects of Covid-19 on the Roma communities.

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Episode 01 June 2023

Introducing the CEU Review of Books

In the first episode of the CEU Review of Books Podcast Series Constantin Iordachi, Andrea Talabér and Rosemary Deller (LSE) discuss the aims and mission of the platform.

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